Emojis get inclusive

Inclusive social media emojisLatest image-based characters used in text messages and social media include disabled characters…

Who needs words when you have emojis? The image-based characters are used across social media and text messages and include things as varied as aubergines and Christmas trees. Yet until recently, disabled people were not well represented.

However, the latest batch of emojis to be released by The Unicode Consortium, the governing body in charge of the official emoji, is now ensuring that disabled folk are not left out.

The newest emojis feature hearing aids, wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs and guide dogs, in a bid to balance the current underrepresentation of disabled people.

The move has been welcomed by PA Pool, a website that also aims to help disabled people take more control of their lives, by managing their own private care recruitment or employment.

Find out more and register at www.papool.co.uk.