Have you got something to share?

Posted on October 5, 2023 in News

Sharing your lived experience is a powerful way to make services, like health and social care, better and more inclusive. It’s also a great way to make new connections, gain experience, and get paid too!

If you’ve got something to share but aren’t sure where to start, Shaping Our Lives has launched a new guide and video which can help you, as it is aimed at helping people to better understand the power and benefits of sharing their lived experience.

The free ‘My Voice Matters’ guide contains an overview of what involvement means, who can do it, and where people can go to find opportunities. The guide also contains links to tools such as the My Involvement Profile and Involvement Pledge, to help them to have a positive and inclusive experience.

Shaping Our Lives is a user-led non-profit organisation focused on empowering people, especially those who are marginalised or from underserved communities. and face barriers to being heard, to have their say, in order to help shape services, policy and research.

This free guide might be of interest to you. View the guide in both PDF and Word formats, or watch the YouTube video, all of which can be found here: Share your lived experience - Shaping Our Lives.

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