Recent Website Updates

Posted on July 10, 2023 in News
PA Pool is constantly developing and maintaining content to meet the needs of our members. Below is a brief summary of the activities that have taken place so far this year:
  • We changed the background of the "My PA Pool" dashboard so it is now blue when your status is “I’m Sorted” and green when your status is “I’m Looking”.
  • Introduced pop-up reminders when a member takes out a subscription to say either that your status is currently set at “I’m Sorted”, your profile is set to “Hidden” or your profile has not yet been approved so can’t be viewed.
  • Updated numerous content pages including "How PA Pool Works" and "The Big Idea".
  • Added the Curam Care Approved badges to profiles of PAs who have been screened, interviewed and vetted by Curam Care.
  • We have made entering DBS numbers for PAs compulsory, stating they have either DBS or Enhanced DBS Checks.
  • Added a Suspended Member category to the Administration Dashboard.
  • When a member tries to view a profile and that member is "Hidden", "Blocked" or "Awaiting Approval", an explanatory message is displayed rather than an error page.
  • We have stopped email notifications for members who have blocked each other.
  • Forced the ID Verification for any PA who joined before August 2022 and who has no profile photo.
  • We have added the option to specify PAYE or Self-Employed employment status and added the compulsory entering of the UTR number if a PA ticks Self-Employed.
If there's something you would like planned for a future update, then please do let us know. Just email with as much detail as possible.