The right staff

PA Pool FSB First Voice June 2019There’s a whole workforce of disabled people out there, just looking for the right opportunity…

There’s no reason why disabled people cannot be valued members of staff, but they are often overlooked because employers find it awkward to deal with a disability, cannot see past that disability, or wrongly assume that it means they can’t do the job.

And yet millions of disabled people have great jobs and fulfilling careers, so this can’t be the case. Yes, they may need a few alterations to make accessibility easier, but otherwise, they can be treated just like everyone else.

Alex Brooker, co-host of Channel 4’s The Last Leg, explains why companies hiring disabled staff can gain not only skilled, but loyal, employees.

Independence – including having a good working life and fulfilling career – is very important to disabled people. Helping them maintain their independence is PA Pool, a website that allows disabled people to connect with personal carers, and make their own choices about their care.