We need more people like you!

PA Pool Made with CareHere at PA Pool we can only offer high standards of care and support because of our committed, compassionate PA members. However, we still need more people like you to join us.

The government is running a national campaign to attract people with the right values and attitude to come and work in our sector. The campaign features social care staff and the people they support, to showcase the brilliant and varied work our PA/carers do each day.

The campaign has been running across TV, radio and social media since November 2021 and will continue until March 2022, meaning more people will be thinking about care work as a career option. This makes it a great time for us to recruit the new members we need.

What’s more, the campaign highlights the qualities and skills which people may already have that could mean they would make great PA/carers. You may know people who usually work in sectors like retail or hospitality who are thinking of changing career – and who have great people skills!

Think about your friends, family members and people in your social media networks – which ones would make brilliant PA/carers? Will you be an ambassador for adult social care and help persuade them?

You could:

  • Share details of PA Pool with friends or family members so they can register if they’re interested.
  • If you know someone you think would be a good PA (personal care assistant), you could introduce them by forwarding this article by email.
  • Follow PA Pool on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our posts about the ‘Made with Care’ campaign.
  • Use your social media networks to tell people what a great career working as a PA/carer can be.

Registering for work as a self-employed carer with PA Pool is free.

Become a member of PA Pool to instantly find work as a PA/Carer.

Register here: www.papool.co.uk/auth/register/assistant. 

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