How the Covid pandemic has opened doors for disabled people

Assistive technologyThe rise in assistive technology over the global lockdowns has left a positive legacy for those who are disabled and housebound…

It’s not often you’d think that something good could come out of a global pandemic, but for disabled and housebound people, the developments made in assistive technology to help businesses as their staff worked from home, will be a legacy that will continue.

As many of those who worked in offices and call centres proved, with an upgrade in technology it is perfectly possible to work from home, and this has opened doors for those folk – like many of our PA Pool members – who have to work from home. And it’s not only business and work applications that have benefited from improvements in assistive technology. With more opportunities to socialise, network and run your daily life online, nobody needs to be left out.

From video calling to online learning, here are six ways in which the rise in assistive technology has helped to improve the lives of disabled people.

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